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NovE - Post Treatment Calming Gel Reduce treatments and prevent adverse reactions!

Drawing on years of experience, my colleague and I have collaborated to provide the first 100% VEGAN, ORGANIC, alternative to the petroleum based post treatment products being used in most tattoo removal clinics today. Recent technological advancements in laser engineering have now enabled us to provide the public with highly effective treatments on a wide variety of tattoos, skin types and ink colors that were once deemed extremely difficult to nearly impossible to treat. Even with these advancements the end result is still contingent on client-based protocol, quality of the laser, technician experience, and most importantly the bodies ability to metabolize fragmented ink particles post treatment. Along with these four factors coupled with customized pre/post care instructions designed by Lorenzo Kunze of the International Laser Academy we now have a better understanding of how important post dermal reactions and lymphatic response is to the removal process. Educating clients on how their health will factors into achieving optimal results is now something that most technicians are starting to preach; and now with NovE they are able to couple this advice with the perfect post treatment product. NovE now enables technicians to help their clients eliminate the use of post treatment petroleum or mineral based products that are proven to trap heat in the skin, and cause harmful and “occlusive” post treatment side effects, while reducing lymphatic draining.

Post treatment application of Petroleum and MOSH [mineral oil saturated hydrocarbon] based products prevent the skin from breathing and absorbing air and moister. This will increase the chances of damaging the basal cell layer of skin where the body produces its natural pigment also known as melanin (Skin types 4-6 will see the most complications from this type of reaction). NovE combats this by using a proprietary blend of natural ingredients and 100% Vitamin E oil to improve and reduce post treatment hypo/hyper pigmentation, while minimizing blistering, and preserving the health of the epidermis for future treatments. NovE was "not" designed to heal like other "triple antibiotic" ointments, but was made to protect, prevent, and repair adverse reactions. What a lot of people do not take into consideration is that we are causing a necessary thermal response when removing a tattoo with laser, and the healing process is what tells the body that the area needs attention. This natural healing process is what helps remove the fragmented ink particles and carries it to our lymph system. If we were able to fragment the ink without any thermal damage, it would take much longer for the body to react to the foreign entities and there would only be a minor cellular response. So in short we need the body to know that there was an injury and by eliminating the undesired “healing effects” and “additive ingredients” found in triple antibiotics, we are letting the body continue with the natural healing process, while yielding more effective and visible post treatment results. Our goal, which we achieved, was to create a product that worked at protecting the susceptibility of the epidermis while allowing the natural and necessary thermal/cellular reaction to reduce the number of treatments needed.

This project has been a 3 year quest to find the right ingredients, manufacturer, and clinical results that would live up to the standard and reputation that Lorenzo has built over his 16 year career in the laser industry. We are fully confident in promoting our product as a much healthier alternative that was designed to improve ink digestion. If you are interested in trying NovE and would like to place an order, please follow the link below, which leads to the International Laser Academy's online store.

Thank you for your time and please feel free to message Lorenzo directly with any questions that you might have.

*Enter the code #‎DISCOVERNOVE to receive a 20% discount on your first order! **Also a huge thank you to Pandora Products, Inc. for manufacturing an amazing product, and all the laser techs/clinics that helped out with the live study, I truly appreciate all of your constructive feedback and support!

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