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General Course Outline

Day one of training:​

- History 
- Cultural Importance

- What not to use 
- Laser Equipment Review- pros and cons

Laser Physics and Protocol
- How lasers works
- Chromophores and Pigments
- Skin Types  
– The Fitzpatrick's Scale

Laser Parameters
- Nano Meter Wavelengths & What they are used for
- Spot Sizes - Comfort vs. Efficiency
- Pulse Duration – Control and Accuracy
- Fluency – Energy - Joules

Client Consultations 
- What to ask
- Patient Questions
- Medical History
- Pain Management
- Pricing

Post Treatment Care & Client Selection
- Ointments, dressings and post treatment instructions

Laser Safety
Supplies and Accessories
Treatment Observation Q&A
- Prior to hands on training
Light Homework

Day two of training

Review of day one and homework

Additional Skin Rejuvenation Treatments
- Acne / Pigmented Lesions / Etc.

Safety Review

- Laser Safety Operator

- Laser Eyewear


Laser Control
- Practicing on paper
- Technique and Reactions

Hands-On - Working with live models

- Large majority of the day

- Variety of clients / skin types / areas/ Etc.

Final Test

- Certification Test

- Safety Test

One-on-one Business Workshop
- Marketing and Advertising
- Medical Director
- Insurance



Curriculum is subject to change due to location, timing, or to accommodate students needs.

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