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75-Hour Nevada State Licensing Program


ILA is honored to present our state of Nevada approved 75-hour Advanced Laser Aesthetic Course, which was instituted to provide licensure to Nevada based estheticians and laser professionals who wish to provide the public with aesthetic laser-based procedures.

This advanced training program will be hosted by Dr. Raj Singh, MD and Lorenzo Kunze, II CLS/MLS and is designed to provide an educational experience that promotes growth while also recognizing our fellow clinic owners’ and technician’s demanding work schedule. Dr. Raj and Lorenzo are both highly regarded industry leaders, educators, and business owners who share a combined 40+ years of laser aesthetic experience.

Course Description:

Our laser licensing program is designed to have a convenient course schedule and educational curriculum that caters specifically to experienced professionals. Especially those who are looking to transform this hurdle into an opportunity to improve, evolve, and progress. In order to provide a more productive learning environment, we will be hosting smaller class sizes that balance interactive online training with in-person live model instruction. Coupled with an interactive mix of one-on-one coaching and a wide variety of expert guest speakers we aim to make this an educational event rather than a chore.  


During the online didactic classroom portion, we will thoroughly explore laser physics, settings/protocol development, dermal biology, application practices, customer relations, client retention, medical history analysis, laser safety, and advanced pre/post treatment protocols.


While our in-clinic hands-on portion of the program presented by Dr. Singh and Lorenzo Kunze CLS/MLS, will give students the opportunity to practice on live models with a wide variety of devices, which is intended to expose experienced technicians to a broad range of treatment variables and advanced practices that are based on the real-world in-clinic experiences that we may face daily. We will also have availability for those who would like to experience any of the treatments or care that will be exhibited.  

In 2022, the Nevada Board of Cosmetology passed SB291requiring all current and forthcoming estheticians to be licensed by the state in order to continue practicing or be grandfathered into the industry before the opportunity expiry date of October 31st, 2023.

Tuition: $4300 per student

Discounts: $500 discount for groups of 2+ & students enrolled before 1/1/2023

Length of Course: 11Days of Training = 7 Days In-Clinic + 4 Days Online

Location: Las Vegas, NV 

Class Size: 4-10 Students Per Class

Contact: Lorenzo Kunze II, CLS/MLS

*This state licensed training course is not limited to estheticians, but also open to any dermatologist, RN, PA, or state licensed MD's who would like to further develop their clinical practices and education. 

Select Payment Option: 



If you are ready to submit your full tuition payment and secure your place in class, please select the “Full Tuition” option below. This selection will guarantee your spot in class and activate the 2022 early enrollment discount. Once your payment has been received you will be sent an invoice showing your tuition paid, date of training, and any eligible discounts.






Selecting the “Course Deposit” option will reserve your spot in class and allow you to pay the remaining balance on a later date. Once the deposit is submitted you will receive an invoice showing your deposit amount, balance due, date of training, and any eligible discounts. From there you will be required to pay the full balance a week before your start date. You may also choose to take advantage of our “Pay-As-You-Go” plan, which allows participants to budget small monthly or weekly payments until their desired start date.  

*Note, all tuition payments and deposits are designed to hold and secure your enrollment in class, while also allowing us the security to properly prepare for your arrival. All payment(s) are fully refundable up until 3 weeks before the start of your selected training dates. All refunds and cancellations will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please review our terms and conditions listed on your payment invoice).


Course Information75- Hour Comprehensive Licensing Course

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Course Schedule: 7 Days In-Clinic + 4 Days Online

Tuition: $4,500 Per Student

*10% discount for students who submit their full tuition payment before January 1st 2023

*Private Staff Training & Group Discounts Available

*Fill out the form below to schedule a Q&A w/ one of our associates! 

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