Here at ILA we welcome students from all walks of life and employment histories. Lorenzo always works to customize his courses to the student and not the subject. The goal has always been to keep class sizes small and hands-on, giving you the best one-on-one training experience possible. This makes for an easy learning environment for students who are looking to expand their opportunities in aesthetics while also catering to students who are here to begin a completely new career in laser tattoo removal.

Our courses do not require any education or experience-based prerequisites. All we ask is that you are eager to learn and respectful of your fellow classmates. Below you will see some of our convenient options that are available to prospective students. If you need any clarification or if you are ready to take the next step, please feel free to contact Lorenzo personally at - 303.917.6345.​​​​​​​​​​​




Your attendance and tuition will include a comprehensive didactic instruction and live model training that will address a wide variety of varibales associated with the treatment process. The live portion of your training will heavily focus on acclimating you with the operation of the laser/settings, pre/post care, how to perform professional and informative consultations, understanding your clients medical history, and the process of analyzing different skin and ink types. We also provide any and all training materials, an ILA workbook, all meals during class, transportation to and from the training facility if needed, a career long mentor-ship program, and a one-on-one business workshop with Lorenzo. ILA will also include online pre-course and post course insruction. The pre-course will be completed at home and online before the start of class, and will be your introduction to the type of laser terminology and technology that will be used during your enrollment. You post-course instruction will have everything you need to start your new business.



FULL CERTIFICATION COURSE - The first option is hosted in a live classroom setting with 2-4 students per class max. This instruction and class size allows us to keeps the learning environment very personal and supportive, while also giving you the hands-on training that is crucial for developing your skills. This course will provide you with your CLO and Laser Safety Certifications. 
- ​Classroom Course (Multiple Enrollment Discount available for groups of 2+)
- Tuition is Based on Location (Email for Pricing)


ON-SITE TRAINING & CLINIC CONSULTING - This training option is a customized course for existing clinic owners who would like help taking their clinic to the next level. This type of consulting course can be taken live online or on-site in the comfort of your own clinic; w/ specialized training using your specific device. Lorenzo will re-educate, re-train, and re-introduce you to new techniques and treatment protocols that will allow you to offer safer and more effective treatments. He will also assist and provide you with up-to-date marketing and advertising solutions that are proven to attract new clients and increase your reach into new markets. On-site traininig can be scheduled at a date and time that is convenient for you and your business.
- Advanced Treatment Education
- Consulting, Marketing, Multimedia Content Analysis, Etc.

- Staff Training
- Tuition Based on Location (Email for Pricing​)


ONLINE CLINIC CONSULTING COURSE - Our third option is our one-day Online Clinic Consulting Course. This option is for experienced laser professional who would like a more advanced and personalized learning experience to learn new techniques, improve treatment protocol, marketing/branding, and assistance with  difficult tattoos or fixing adverse reactions. Consulting classes can be hosted online at at a date and time that is convenient for you.            
- Individual Course
- Advanced Protocol / Better Results

- Price - $250 per hour ($500 deposit to reserve)
  USD                    CAD        


ONLINE TRAINING - Our final option is our online training program, which is best suited for individuals who are looking to test the waters and see if tattoo removal is for them, without having to pay ​for travel or the investment of full tuition. It's also very convenient for professionals who already have a laser or laser esthetic experience and want to expand their expertise and treatment menu. This course is a complete online variation of our normal course and is hosted live and online by Lorenzo via Zoom. This one-on-one training experience can be hosted at your business location, or in the comfort of your own home and at a date and time that is convenient for you. 

- Individual Course
- Price - $995
- Group Course (2-4 students)
- Price - $1200


QS SKIN REJUVENATION COURSE - This training is hosted in a small cognitive classroom setting. Our new QS/SR course will include a wide variety of skin rejuvenation treatments (listed below) that can be added to your Q-Switched treatment menu. We will be offering newly designed protocols for everything from Carbon Facial Peels to Rosacea treatments. This course is designed for clinic owners and technicians who are looking to offer amazing results with an added revenue stream.

- Live Course: 1-Day Hands-On Certification Course - $1800 per student + Travel
- Online Version: 1-Day Certification Course via Skype - $1000 per student

* All courses will require a refundable $500 deposit  that will be put towards your full tuition upon acceptance (with exception to #4 the online course). All requests for refunds must be submitted 2 weeks before the start of class in writing via email or postal service. ILA will evaluate any and all requests before any refunds are granted or opposed. If you have any questions please contact Lorenzo @ 303.917.6345