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There are two ways to look at this type of decision. On one hand a laser clinic that primarily focuses on tattoo removal is a smart choice because they often treat a higher volume of clients with a variety of variables. This type of frequency will always lend to experience and to me it really is the most effective way to learn the art and perfection of laser tattoo removal. This is why we advise all of our students to donate their time and laser to helping clients that normally wouldn’t have the opportunity or means to purchase this service. By working with woman’s shelters and youth programs a technician can see a wide variety of inks, areas, and tattoo locations in a short amount of time while also giving back to the community, #winwin.

The majority of laser based clinics "currently" have access and obtain to high-end lasers, and in some states the treatments are being performed my medically trained professionals, like nurses, dermatologist, and medical estheticians who have a valuable understanding of the skin and body. This is not to say that you cant find any or all of these benefits at a tattoo studio that offers tattoo removal; because trends are rapidly changing and we are seeing more and more studios adopt this template.

Tattoo studios and artist also have some beneficial attributes that the laser clinic crowed could benefit from as well. The first benefit is that they have fair and accessible industry regulation. The tattooing industry is highly regulated and is required to abide by a high level of standards that address sterilization, cleanliness, and protocol. The days of the “dirty” tattoo shop stigma is coming to an end and we now see the media shinning the light on business that are setting and continuing standards of cleanliness and professionalism. If a client chooses to have treatment at a tattoo studio, they will also have the opportunity to work closely with an artist, who should have a better understanding of the type of ink that was used and how the client’s skin reacts to trauma. Also if you they are getting a cover-up done they will now be able to customize the amount of treatments and price to suite their future artwork. So when deciding on where to have treatment, it should ultimately and always boil down to the type of laser being used, technician experience, and having a realistic understanding of the results considering your skin type, area of the body, and ink concentration/color. Price and location should always be secondary if you are looking for the best outcome. Take advantage of the free consultation process that most places offer and just like a tattoo weigh out your options!

Thank you for taking the time to read my latest blog, I hope this information is helpful to you. If you have any other questions or would like to discuss lasers or training options in more detail, please do not hesitate to call or email me anytime. I am always available! Best Regards, Lorenzo Kunze, II CLS/MLS Owner & Lead Instructor International Laser Academy 303.917.6345

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