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Please review the following terms and conditions for all classes, payments, plans, or refund policies. 

Thank you and please let us know if you have any questions comments or concerns...

Lorenzo Kunze II, CLS/MLS

*Our terms and condition policy are designed to protect ILA Consulting, while also allowing students an adequate timeframe to unenroll. Lorenzo is often very understanding of all situations and will be happy to discuss the above mentioned and entertain reasons for rescheduling or cancelation of training.

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ILA reserves the right to cancel or postpone any pre-scheduled courses for any reason at any time. See the “Refund Policy” section listed below for more information on how to submit a refund request.



All complaints must be submitted to ILA-Consulting, in writing (email correspondence accepted) before the live or online course has commenced. All tuitions and down payments are considered final and will not be refunded after the live or online course has started. If a student has become a disturbance or interference to other participants, educators, clients, or staff they may be asked to leave the course/property and will forfeit any and all monies paid, along with their eligibility to receive any certifications or licensing expected.



Students that are not accepted or deemed ineligible by ILA Consulting during the pre-course enrollment process are entitled to all moneys paid back in full. Students, who withdraw or unenroll from class 3-weeks prior to the start of the scheduled training date, are entitled to a full refund of all tuition and deposits paid. Students, who choose to withdraw from enrollment after the 3-week deadline, and before the commencement of class, are not entitled to a full refund of any tuitions, down payments or fees paid. As permitted, any situation and/or reasoning for the student’s withdraw will be taken into consideration before a deduction or refund can be honored or dismissed. However, this policy does not include students who have decided to take part in any of ILA CONSULTING’s tuition payment plans (see the next paragraph for payment and refund information that pertains to you).



If both parties via written correspondence, email, text, or submitted payment(s) have agreed upon a payment plan (Pay-As-You-Go), the student is required to make good on said agreement and start date within a one-year period from the date of first payment. ILA Consulting is not required to refund any tuitions, down payments, or fees paid. If a refund is requested at any time before the commencement of training or before the full tuition is paid in full, the situation and reasoning for the student’s withdraw/refund request will be taken into serious consideration by Lorenzo Kunze II CLS/MLS and ILA CONSULTING before a deduction or refund can be approved or denied.

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