50 packs of NovE Mini are priced and sized to include in your clients post treatment aftercare kit. If they need more you can always offer to sell them the 1oz NovE at a retail markup of 45-50%. 

NovE is designed to reduce adverse reactions like scaring and hypo/hyper pigmentation. Applying post treatment will soothing the top layers of the epidermis without affecting the necessary T-cell response that is essential to removing unwanted crystallized ink. Because it’s 100% vegan/organic, all of its all-natural ingredients can be digested and metabolized by the body’s lymphatic system. Using NovE will eliminate synthetic and non-synthetic additives like Mineral Oil, Petroleum jelly and other harmful carcinogens from clogging up your client’s lymphatic system and will not trap unwanted heat into the epidermis. NovE is committed to enhancing your clients overall healing experience, while reducing adverse reactions, improving lymphatic health, and hopefully ridding the tattoo removal process of harmful products that limit ink digestion and trap heat within the treated area.

NovE Mini Packs (50x - .05oz)

$160.00 Regular Price
$155.00Sale Price
  • 50 pack of .05oz NovE Mini Post Treatment Calming gel.

    Made post treatment aftercare kits!

    NovE Ingredients

    Carnauba Wax
    Coconut Oil
    100% Vitamin E Oil
    Castor Oil
    *No Synthetics
    *No Mineral Oil
    *No Petroleum
    *No Animal By Products