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These are the same laser safety eyewear that Lorenzo uses for his patients and during all of his classes. This specific model is used for protection from the 694nm wavelength, which is normally associated with the Quanta Q-plus C laseing device. The 694nm is the wavelength commonly used to remove tattoo pigments in the Green/Blue spectrum (Blue/Green/Purple/Yellow) . These laser safety glasses fit over most style of prescribed glasses. With it's black or white spectacle style frame constructed of nylon with soft touch finish offers a great combination of durability and comfort. They fit over most prescription style frames and offer a universal fit with wide field of view. The lenses has superior optical clarity with virtually no distortion in order to reduce eye fatigue and the design provides comfort for long periods of wear.

ILA Laser Safety Eyewear - 694nm RUBY (Pink Lens )

Color Options
  • This laser filter offers protection from Ruby 694nm

    Laser Brand: Quanta Q+C | EVO | Dicovery

    (Pink Lens ) Filter specifications are permanently engraved.


    (Pink Lens ) Display Wavelength (nm) / OD190-400 6+680-735 6+


    (Pink Lens )VLT37%


    (Pink Lens )Lens Color Pink


    (Pink Lens )Application Scientific & Medical


    (Pink Lens ) Disclaimer Filter characteristic data points are nominally represented here solely for informational purposes. We guarantee only those specifications, including Optical Densities, CE ratings and VLT, that are imprinted on the eye protectors and listed on filter data sheets and web pages.


    (Teal Lens ) Filter specifications are permanently engraved.

    (Teal Lens ) Product Information:
    190-400 nm/694 nm
    OD 5+ @ 620-700 nm
    OD 3+ @ 664 nm

    (Teal Lens ) VLT

    (Teal Lens )COLOR:

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