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Three great options for Quanta Q+C devices with 532/694/1064nm wavelengths! This specific model has been diagnosed by the manufacturer for protection of 532nm / 694 / 1064nm  wavelengths with an OD between 6.5+-7.0+. These lenses are perfect for technicians using a Quanta Q+C/T QS device. These laser safety glasses fit over most style of prescribed glasses. The white, black, or silver frames are constructed of durable nylon with soft touch finish. It comes in a variety models that will fit over most prescription style frames and they offer a universal fit that offer a wide field view. These lenses are darker than other pritective lenses.

ILA Laser Safety - 532/694/1064 Quanta QS Full

Color Options
  • This laser filter offers protection from QS nano Based Doubled YAG & Ruby lasers (532, 694, 1064nm).

    Laser Brands: Quanta 

    Filter specifications are permanently engraved on lens.
    Display Wavelength (nm) / OD:


    532-535 + 694 + 1045-1065 7+

    190-400 6+

    525-540 + 1025-1075 5+

    1035-1070 +6





    Lens Color: Purple/Blue 


    Application: Medical DisclaimerFilter characteristic data points are nominally represented here solely for informational purposes. We guarantee only those specifications, including Optical Densities, CE ratings and VLT, that are imprinted on the eye protectors and listed on filter data sheets and web pages.

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