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These are the same laser safety eyewear that Lorenzo uses for his patients and laser certification students. This specific model has the clearest visibility for protection when using the 1064nm wavelength. These poly based glasses are designed for protecting your eyes from the 1064nm yag (pico/Q 1064) used for hair removal, black ink removal, and Q-switched or 1064 pico skin rejuvenation treatments. These laser safety glasses fit over most style of prescribed glasses. The frame is constructed of durable nylon with a soft touch finish. It comes in a variety models that will fit over most prescription style frames and they offer a universal fit that offer a wide field view. These lenses have superior optical clarity with virtually no distortion, while reducing eye fatigue and providing comfort for long periods of wear.

ILA Clear Poly Laser Safety Eyewear 1064nm only

Color Options
  • This laser filter offers protection from Doubled YAG, Pico1064, & 1064QS

    Laser Brands: PicoWay, Rev-Lite, C6, Quanta Q+C, Quanata Studio, Spectra, Q-YAg5, Apogee Elite, MPX, Fotona Qx-Max, Etc.

    Filter specifications are permanently engraved on lens.

    Product Information:
    190-400 OD 5+
    1025-1075 OD 5+
    1035-1070 OD 6+
    1045-1065 OD 7+


    light grey
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