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Thank you for submittig your course depsoit via Credit Card. Once the payment has been approved, we will email you addtional instructions, information, and a full invoice. This depsot is not an addtional charge and will be put towrds your full tution. 

Course Deposit $500 USD

  • POSTPONEMENT OF STARTING DATE: A written or emailed correspondence must be agreed upon and signed by the student and the school. ILA reserves the right to cancel or postpone any pre-scheduled courses. See the refund policy for more information. 

    COMPLAINTS: All complaints must be submitted to ILA-Consulting and in writing before the live course is completed. All tuitions and down payments are considered final and will not be refunded after the live or online course is completed. If the student becomes a disturbance or interference to other students, educators, clients, or staff they may be asked to leave and will forfeit any and all monies paid and any certification expected. 

    REFUND POLICY: Students that are not accepted through the enrollment process are entitled to all moneys paid back in full. Students, who withdraw from class 3-weeks before the start of the scheduled training dates, are entitled to a full refund of all tuition and fees paid. Students, who withdraw from enrollment after the 3-week deadline, and before the commencement of class, are not entitled to a full refund of any tuitions, down payments or fees paid, but the situation and reasoning for the student’s withdraw will be taken into consideration before a deduction or refund can be honored. However this policy does not include students that are part of any of ILA CONSULTING’S tuition payment plans (see the next paragraph for payment and refund information that pertain to you). 

    PAYMENT PLAN: If both parties via written correspondence or email have agreed upon a payment plan, the student is required to make good on said agreement within a one year period from the signing of this document. ILA Consulting is not required to refund any tuitions, down payments, or fees paid. If a refund is requested at anytime before the commencement of training or before the full tuition is paid in full, the situation and reasoning for the student’s withdraw/refund request will be taken into consideration by Lorenzo Kunze II and ILA CONSULTING before a deduction or refund can be decided on.

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