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The ThermoClear is a great device and is often better then laser at removing a variety of skin imperfections. Most clinic owners find that it is a great way to offer a larger variety of treatments with one device and in-turn will add extra revenue and options to there practice. The advantage of using the ThermoClear is that it only works on the top layers of the skin (epidermis) and the dermal layers of the skin are not affected. Making for quicker healing times, safer treatments, and effective results that have permanency.

Thermo-lo is great for treating:

- Sun Spots
- Melasma
- Cherry Hemangiomas
- Milia
- Acne
- Sebaceous Hyperplasia
- Cholesterol Deposits
- Hair Removal
- And much more, Visit the website for more information at
- Skin Tags
- Rosacea
– Spider Veins
- Liver Spots

2016 ThermoClear - Skin Rejuvenation System

  • Purchase Includes:

    100 probes
    Carrying Case
    3-year warranty
    Sharps Container
    Online Instructional Video
    Consent, Protocol and After Care Forms
    Online Treatment Consent Forms and Home Care Instructions
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