Nove Soap is a 100% organic pre-treatment cleanser is a mild and gentle soap made from all-natural and pure ingredients. Where alcohol dries out the skin, NovE Soap moisturizes and gently cleans the treatment area. It is also free from harsh chemicals, animal by-products, additives, colorants or synthetic foaming agents, resulting in less pre treatment trauma to the epidermis, shorter exterior healing times, and a healthier lymphatic system. This makes it much easier for the body to concentrate on digesting treated ink particles rather than the synthetic ingredients found in a variety of other pre/post treatment products.

NovE Soap 8oz (Large)

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  • NovE Cleanser contains castille soap (olive oil, distilled water, potassium hydroxide), and organic essential oil of lemongrass. This is a mild and gentle liquid soap made from all-natural and pure ingredients, containing no harsh chemicals, additives, colorants or sudsing agents. Foams beautifully without leaving any harmful residue and the essential oils in our formula acts as anti-microbial agent. It is 100% gluten free, petroleum free, casein free, alcohol free, parabens/methylparaben free, and free from all carcinogenic forms of mineral oils.

    *Nove Soap is also non-phototoxic, so it will not react with primary wavelengths that are used for LTR treatments.

    *NovE Soap and its ingredients are also free aluminum or alum, sodium lauryl sulfates, and caking products.

    *Excellent for healing post treat infection if post treatment homecare was an issue*